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4 Seater Inflatable Spa Jacuzzi 180 x 66cm Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Fiji 60085


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4 Seater Inflatable Spa Jacuzzi 180 x 66cm Bestway 60085The garden swimming pool is not enough for you anymore and you are looking for the perfect alternative for both hot and cooler days? Take advantage of the Spa that you can even have in your own home by purchasing a jacuzzi with a water heater. The moment when the days are getting colder is the perfect time for the water in your jacuzzi to be even warmer. This bubble pool is an amazing rest for you and your loved ones. The spa is characterized by thick, inflatable walls, which will be perfect as a backrest when using the jacuzzi. The tank can accommodate 3 adults. You will also not have to worry about the purity of the water, as it will be ensured by the filter pump included in the set. The cover included in the set will also provide cleanliness in your inflatable Spa and protection against unwanted insects falling into the water. The soft, insulated floor ensures comfort of use and protects the water from cooling down from the ground

Kit Contents:

– Fiji inflatable spa

– Cover

– Built-in pump

– Filter for VI pump

– Pool chemistry dispenser

– Repair patch

– socket converter

Technical data:

– Jacuzzi dimensions: 180 cm x 66 cm

– Number of people: 4

– Capacity: 669 liters

– Pump capacity: 1325l / h

– Weight: 31 kg

– Modern control panel

– Durable construction

– Maximum water depth 52 cm

– Freeze Shield system adapted to winter conditions

– Maximum temperature 40 degrees

– Handles for carrying

– Pool weight when full, 696 kg

– PVC material

– 220-240 V pump power supply

– Includes 120 nozzles

– Heating speed of about 1.5-2 degrees per hour

– Drink holder

Package Weight:

about 35 kg

Size of the package:

80 cm x 58 cm x 45 cm

Bestway Warranty 12 months



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