Dear Parent, please let us welcome you to our online store with toys for children, which is available in the Maltese islands. In private, we are also the parents of a 3-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter, so we perfectly know the needs of our kiddies. We try to import only safe, interesting and original toys which we would gladly give to our own children to play with. We only handle online sales, we do not have a show room, owing to which we can deliver toys to your door at the best prices we can possibly offer. Due to the fierce competition in terms of toys on the island, we offer a narrow range of slightly bigger toys. We mainly sell electric cars, quads and little motorbikes for children. In our summer season offer, we have a wide selection of inflatable playgrounds, as well as many other pools and inflatable toys. We also have garden trampolines for children in our offer. We will be expanding our product range over time, so we would like to encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.