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5 in 1 Large house with an Ante-room Red


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5 in 1 Large house with an Ante-room Red

All elements of the slide are made of high quality HDPE material. It is a high density polyethylene, ranging from 0.942 to 0.965 g / cm3. HDPE is a more flexible material and resistant to mechanical damage as compared to materials used in other such constructions. All walls and components are made of a double layer of plastic. This additionally gives the possibility to fill the walls with a sand-like insert, aggregate ensuring the stability of the structure. Large components make assembly easier.


Large space inside the house ensuring freedom of play,

large door opening wide safe two-layer slide,

wide, durable slide levels, built-in vestibule with passage to the house,

inside the fenced garden you will find stairs to the slide,

the construction allows for dismantling the garden and adding a house wall.

basketball hoop,

ball to play 2 chairs,

useful stable table,

The design of the elements allows for various configurations of the house.

All walls and components are made of a double layer of plastic. It additionally gives the possibility of filling the walls with a sand or aggregate type insert ensuring stability of the structure.

Large components facilitate assembly.


height of the house 119 cm,

total length 269 cm,

house length with garden 187 cm,

house width 108 cm,

width with a table 155 cm,

slide size of 110 x 38 cm,

fence height 55 cm,

table height 40 cm,

table length 47 cm,

basketball backboard height 87 cm,

window size 50 x 40 cm,

internal dimensions of the garden 70 x 95 cm,

entry size 50 x 97 cm,

house weight 25.2 kg,

cardboard dimensions 129.5 x 48.5 x 72.5 cm, 29 kg

Easy to assembly, no tools required.


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